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Who we are

Slovak Prospects is the brain child of Indiana-native Maddux Terrell, who happens to be a hockey enthusiast. After graduating from college, Terrell traveled to Slovakia for work. While there, he spent strolling downtown and playing rounds of ice hockey with the locals.

He learned later on that hockey has become a lucrative venture in this part of the world. The locals would bet on their favorite teams, make predictions, and calculate their winnings. Eventually, Terrell struck at an idea to make a platform that can help first-time bettors like himself familiarize with the activity of hockey betting.

Using his background in web development, Terrell eventually created a website that contains crucial information about the betting systems in hockey. From blog posts, Terrell expanded towards other industries and sectors.

Since then, Slovak Prospects continues to be an important and reliable source of information on what’s critical to your business.

What we do

Slovak Prospects gives you all the information you need to keep yourself productive – and alive! We provide news about hockey, as well as important tips on how to analyze your betting odds and get the best in terms of returns.


What’s our team like

We’re not really that big of a company yet, but we’re getting there. It’s only that we’re more focused on how we can get the most benefit. Our team is composed of experienced web designs, writers, and the industry researches, so you know you have cool and mystical powers.


Plus, we work round the clock to make sure this site is populated with the right content for regularly. It’s easy, fast, and a bit expensive for yourself.